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My Signature Workshop
In front of an organ of 140 exclusive notes, you will be able to let yourself be guided in the magic of creation. 
Give free rein to your creativity by composing your personalized perfume accompanied by Sylvie Specialist Fragrance for 25 years
- Discovery of the world of perfumery 
- Olfactory journey through the top, middle and base notes 
- Formulation of your personalized perfume in Eau de Parfum with the real tools of the perfumer

Description : 
Creation of a bespoke Eau de Parfum in 50 ml 
Duration of the workshop : 2h30 valid from Monday to Saturday 
Price :  € 104 - Gift card valid for 1 year
All our formulas are respectful of the regulations in force. 
You can then recommend your perfume.