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My Signature House Workshop
The house is an important place of life, a real refuge dedicated to well-being. 
Each piece is a universe in its own right. 
We like to decorate them according to the desired mood and let our creativity shine. 
But what about the olfactory decoration? 
By creating your Signature House in our workshops, finish your decoration by bringing a personalized atmosphere and make your interior a real refuge of well-being.

- Questionnaire on the study of the room to be perfumed 
- Formulation of Home Fragrance in front of a Perfume organ

Description : 
Creation of a tailor-made room fragrance in 100 ml 
Duration of the workshop: 1h30 valid from Monday to Friday 
Price: 80.00 € 
All our formulas are respectful of the regulations in force. 
You can then recommend your perfume.